Barry, 29, they/it

art by mintandvanilla on tumblr


Hey, my name is Barry! I’m 29, they/it, white, agender, asexual, and demipanromantic. I love books, podcasts, and video games, and I do digital art.


Barry Bluejeans - TAZ BalanceMurderbot - The Murderbot DiariesJonathan Sims - The Magnus ArchivesMartin Blackwood - The Magnus ArchivesBoris Habit - Smile For MeMiriam - WandersongPeridot - Steven UniverseLaois Touden - Dungeon MeshiJohn Doe - MalevolentMiles Edgeworth - Ace AttorneyCaleb Widogast - Critical RoleAshton Greymoore - Critical RoleFresh Cut Grass - Critical RoleJohn (The Hunger) - TAZ BalanceHarry Du Bois - Disco ElysiumHermann Gottlieb - Pacific RimAziraphale - Good OmensCrowley - Good Omens

??? Maybe

Anders - Dragon Age 2Avery - Pokemon SWSH

The Adventure Zone
Animal Crossing
Apex Legends
Critical Role
Dragon Age
Fullmetal Alchemist
Gravity Falls
Kingdom Hearts
Legend of Zelda
The Magnus Archives
The Owl House
Smile For Me
Steven Universe
and a bunch of other stuff